It makes me sad.

It makes me sad. The hatred that can run through someone’s veins so deep that they’re blinded from all visions of reality. To want to hurt. Scream. Shout. Cry. All for… why? Its sad. Saddening to see such souls tortured with no ability to be salvaged. No hope for light in the ever deepening tunnels of hurt. To blame all in the world and the world itself in all her glory for what? Talking sense only translates as dribbles of unknown languages to their soul. Ones of which cannot be broken into simple English. Fear of nothing, yet fear of everything as they cling onto empty negative clouds keeping them barely above water. A cry for help. Nothing can bring them to an understanding. The world isnt here to harm them. They only harm themselves with thoughts of darkness and a passion for pain. I don’t want to comprehend the hate one must have for themselves to hate another in such a manner of disgust. Its sad.

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