The Many Cultures at International Fair

For me, Mondays never seem to end. No matter how happy my friends are, or how much coffee I drink, Mondays just go on and on and on! I feel like Garfield on Mondays; all I want to do is stay in bed and sleep. No matter how much I dislike Mondays, I usually look forward to school; I don’t look forward to waking up early, and the homework, and the stress, and the reality of junior year finally setting in, but I do look forward to seeing my friends, teachers, and the student body. I thought today would be like every other Monday, but boy, was I wrong. International Fair gave an exciting start to a boring Monday. With a small pep assembly, the student body was given more details on ACP’s first Annual International Fair.

Now, you may be wondering what is International Fair? Man, do I have an answer for you. International Fair celebrates the multiple different cultures at ACP-Erie. I don’t know about you, but my family is from both the USA and Scotland, which makes me half American and half Scottish. As you all hopefully know, International Fair will be held this Friday from 5-9pm at the West Field, which makes it the perfect after-school activity; you have enough time to grab a snack and relax, and by the time you’re back at school, it won’t be 93°!

Traditional Vietnam Cuisine

You’re probably wondering, what cultures will be represented at the Fair? We only got a small snap-shot of the cultures in our school-wide assembly, but believe me, there are more to come. The featured cultures and places include: Bangladesh, Philippines, China, Guatemala, Thailand, Soviet Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Native American, Europe, South America, Africa, Oceana, Asia, North America, and many more. As the students saw in the morning assembly, these cultures and countries will have traditional dress, food, games, and other activities for everyone to participate in. Sounds like a blast, huh? Both Mr. Bickes and Mrs. Osborn are very excited for this learning adventure. In an interview, Mr. Bickes explained how he’s ready to get this started and to see what will happen. He recalled how the substitutes noticed the diversity on our campus, and he exclaimed how he was very interested in learning about the many different cultures, especially European, for Mr. Bickes was born in Germany but has little recollection of his time spent there. Mrs. Osborn was just as excited as Mr. Bickes; she also stated how she very much enjoys the diversity of our campus and the unique cultures. She continued by expressing how she always has questions and enjoys talking about different cultures with students, especially when it brings both her and the student closer to their family roots.

Knights, International Fair is sure to be a blast, but it won’t last without you! We need your help to make this event as much fun as our annual Knight Games, so be sure to come on out to ACP-Erie from 5-9pm this Friday.

Pictures from: St. John’s International School Blog