“Dear Hate” by Maren Morris and Vince Gill

With everything going on in the world and always hearing and seeing bad news everywhere, I can get a bit overwhelmed and emotional. It really makes me think why people feel the need to hurt other people. And not just anyone, but innocent people with families, friends, hopes and dreams. People who do not deserve to get hurt. Horrible things happen, but the beautiful thing which you see at those moments is how people react to it. Everyone comes together and share their love. The love for their partners, their families and friends, but also for strangers. That is what’s so powerful!

Maren Morris wrote a song a few years back about hate and love. She’s always just performed it live but in 2016 she recorded the song with Vince Gill. It is a very powerful song which I think everyone understands especially at this moment.

In the lyrics it says how hate can drown us, because it is everywhere. And that is true. Most of the things you hear on the news are not happy things, they’re bad news. It also affects everyone and people react differently to it. It makes people feel angry, sad and upset. It is hard to feel anything else when everything around you seems so negative.

In the chorus the lyrics says: “But I hate to tell you, love’s gonna conquer all.” I think this is what we forget most of the time. In the end, what really helps us conquer this hate that we get to experience for way too many times, is love. We come with solutions for these problems because we don’t want to hate, we want to love.

I think Maren Morris  and Vince Gill sang this song so beautifully. The message of this song is already so powerful, but with their voices it is simply amazing. Please have a listen at it if you haven’t yet. It’s a song that makes you feel so many things, and makes you think as well. I love it!

Credit: She is the curly Girl https://shesthecurlygirl.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/dear-hate-by-maren-morris-and-vince-gill/