I hate – hate crime

I don’t care what anyone’s religion is.
I don’t care if they are not religious.
I don’t care what colour anyone is.
I don’t care what their nationality is.
I don’t care what their sexuality is.
I don’t care if they have two heads and are called Noddy.

When I was young I went to church regularly, but I am no longer religious. I follow blogs written by people with different religious backgrounds and beliefs. Although I do not share their beliefs, the faith they have in their individual religions is commendable. I respect them and like what they have to say.

Similarly, I follow blogs by people from numerous countries that I been interacting with for a few years. I have even bonded with people who speak a different language from me. Their colour or nationality is irrelevant, they are good people and that is all that matters.

I doubt very much if this blog is followed or even viewed by anyone who is a racist or bigot.

In the UK, hate crime is increasing at an alarming rate and is fuelled by the prejudicial hate speech of particular newspapers and politicians.

I come across people that I just don’t particularly like, usually because they are bad mannered or disrespectful in some way. I cannot dislike someone because of their race, colour, religion or sexual orientation. In my mind that is unnatural.

Recently in London, Jameel Muhktar and his cousin Resham Khan had acid thrown over them in an unprovoked attack. Jameel suffered such serious burns he had to be put into an induced coma. They both suffered excruciating pain and life-changing injuries.

Resham Khan

It is bad enough when people suffer because their behaviour or actions have triggered an assault on them, but when innocent people minding their own business, have such cruelty inflicted on them as a result of racism is deplorable.

By the way, I think Jameel and Resham  are Muslims. Does that matter? Not to me, and it should not matter to anyone else either.

Credit : https://ronnie-s.com/2017/07/04/i-hate-hate-crimes/