#1 Justice League of Avengers Blog: Black History Month–Check out these superheroes

I think that diversity is important. What’s good is that both Marvel Comics and Detective Comics (DC) have recognized this. The first African american character introduced into comics was Black Panther of Marvel (1966). While Marvel was working on Black Panther comics, DC  created their first black superhero, Black Lightning (1977).

There are other notable black Marvel heroes like Luke CageWar MachineBladeStormNick FuryMiles Morales, and Captain America (Falcon).

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Captain America’s white.” Here’s the thing. Marvel decided to, at one point, kill off the Steve Rogers Captain America. When that happened, Falcon, another black Marvel hero, took up the Captain America mantle for while. Because this is the comic world, and not everything bends to the rules of reality, Steve Rogers “revived” and returned to take up the Captain America title again.

I’m excited to see the live-action Black Panther movie when it comes out February 2018 starring Chadwick Boseman.

A few African American DC heroes are AzraelBatwingAqualad, and John Stewart Green Lantern. Yeah, there’s far more than just one Green Lantern. There’s nine corps of them, but the Lantern Corps are a story for another blog. It looks like there are more Marvel black heroes than black DC heroes, but that’s not true. It’s just that the black DC heroes aren’t as mainstream as the black Marvel heroes.

It’s important to have these characters so that young people of all kinds can see themselves as having the power to do great things.

Having diversity can help get business. Also having a more diverse cast of characters can inspire Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse write more stories and generate more interest worldwide.

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